Our Homes Can Be Art That We Live In,
A Giant Sculpture Without Limits.

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12 Days of Dome Building Workshops to Learn How to Make 3 Different Types of Eco-Dome Buildings
In the Forested Andes Mountains

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Come learn the life changing skill of how to build your own eco-dome home and even an eco-village. Join a team of like minded people to co-create the future in this 55 acre forested retreat. In a few short weeks you can return home with the ability to build a home in little time and at low cost. Walking through the door of the house you made is life changing, it is priceless.
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Get off the treadmill by taking control of the biggest expense in your life, putting a roof over your head. At $25 per sq. ft. our building cost are 20% of the normal building cost in the USA. Learn to construct faster, cheaper, stronger, and lighter buildings using 20% the weight of the materials for a typically constructed house. Good for the environment and your wallet.
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Cellular Lightweight Concrete

The main focus of the workshop is building an insulated cellular concrete dome, ideal for an eco-dome. We teach two methods to make this very flexible easy to shape building material.

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Wood Framed Geodesic

Excellent for greenhouses or covered patios. These can be covered in everything from cheap greenhouse plastic, to plywood, polycarbonate to even glass. The current trend in architecture is to put the entire house inside a transparent dome.

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Steel Tube Geodesic

These are the ultimate tent for luxury camping (glamping), mobile garages or giant event tents. These structures and set up in a day and fit in the back of a pickup truck.

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While we run the building workshops apart from the ayahuasca retreats, we do share the eco-community. We often have meals together or you might take a break from building for some yoga. In the nights you can enjoy a hot tub or a deep conversation with a new friend by the campfire. After completing the building workshop, you have the option to join the retreat for one of their ayahuasca ceremonies on the last night. Of course you can return for the full retreat the following week, but book early because the retreats are often booked months in advance.

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